Is It A Supermoon?

API v1.0 Documentation

We encourage you to incorporate this data into your own site or app, so we have a public API!

Upon public release of CAPCOM this data will still be available for free; however, you will need to register your application with CAPCOM. You will be granted an API key for usage and v1.0 will be deprecated.

The API Is Simple!

The API endpoint is at - here you will find JSON encoded data that will tell you the following things:

Item Type Description
supermoon boolean Returns true if today is a Supermoon (Day is defined as 12:00:00AM EST to 11:59:59 EST). Returns false if there will not be a Supermoon in that 24-hour block. We plan to make this dynamic to your time zone in the future.
nextsupermoon string Returns a string with the date of the next known Supermoon. The date is formatted as YYYY-MM-DD.